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To reflect the character of our unique Traditional Malaysian fusion, we have remodelled the better taste by our chef. He has presented so many mouth watering dishes for you. Our restaurant staff creates a atmosphere where you feel warm, relaxed and enjoy tasty delicious memorable food. Overall makes you like one your own family restaurant. Read More
 Halal Malaysian & Indonesian Cuisine

Our Most Loved Dishes

Mixed Platter (ideal for sharing)

Selection of satay, prawn fritters, sesame prawn toasts,

Tom Yum
Tom Yum

£ 4.90

Popular Thai hot and sour soup with chicken


Orange, Apple, Carot

Ayam Halia
Ayam Halia

£ 7.50

Boneless chicken cooked with ginger & spring onion

Mixed Grilled Sizzler

Consists of chicken wings, lamb chops and kofta

Aneka Satay

Six skewers of marinated chicken, beef and lamb

Udang Bungkus

Four fried wrapped prawns

Tom Yam Soup

Popular Thai hot and sour soup with chicken or

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